Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Things 8 and 9 or Trying To Be Organised

I really can’t afford to be dismissive about these organisational tools since now that I am several weeks behind on the CPD23 programme it is obvious that I could do with using a thing or probably several things to ensure that I am better organised. 

Although others extol the virtues of Google Calendar and its usefulness I have not persevered with it despite a couple of attempts to use it properly. Sadly as regards diaries and calendars I have been a good old fashioned pen and paper girl until very recently. In a way this surprises me as I have embraced other on-line tools and technological gizmos with enthusiasm.  Although I now use the diary app on my smartphone for personal use I haven’t been able to rid myself of the habit of duplicating entries on the calendar on the kitchen wall too. This is probably just as well as family life would probably disintegrate if I didn’t. At work we use the calendar on Outlook plus a whole school diary on the intranet but as a confirmed worrier I tend to also write little notes to myself and leave a trail of post it notes on computers, desks etc.  Now suitably shamed I am going to give Google Calendar another go and hope that with a fresh start at the beginning of a new school year in September I will be able to use it effectively.

Early on this year I downloaded the Evernote app for my smartphone and have had a couple of half- hearted attempts at collecting information on it that I think will be useful to me. The problem is that I already use other systems to collect this type of thing which means that Evernote has become yet one more thing I have to remember to check and consequently it has rather slipped down to the bottom of my list of useful tools. I have been using Delicious for more than two years to store and share websites with colleagues and by effectively tagging them I have so far been able to find things when I need them. Anything useful I discover on Twitter I favourite and check later transferring to Delicious if it looks as though it may be used on a regular basis.  If colleagues were using Evernote too I can see that there would be advantages and the ability to add photos and notes from other sources sounds appealing too. This interesting article from Teaching News has persuaded me that it would be very useful for organising a specific project so I won’t dismiss this particular tool completely and will make time to investigate it further.   

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